The History

The History

Mr. Giammaria Ravetti, artist and visionary poet of the light, loves to say about himself "I live in shadow to create emotions in the form of light". A multifaceted training and culture, combined with a strong artistic and human sensitivity, have allowed him to actively participate in the most important and evocative lighting installations of the last twenty years.

The project he is most attached to is the Ground Zero memorial, where a new way of creating emotions was inaugurated: the architecture of light. From the 2006 Turin Olympics to the Petronas Towers, from the Burj Khalifa to the Shanghai racetrack, from the Rio Carnival to the Olimpia museum, from the Dexia Tower (the largest and most complex LED lighting in the world to the Peace Tower made for Yoko Ono, the signature of Mr. Giammaria Ravetti is present as soul and emotion in the best illuminations in the field of culture, sport, big events and the most daring buildings of contemporary architecture.

The experience gained in the field, in one with the research of technical and artistic avant-garde solutions, the use of the best products on the market for the realization of his installations, the spirit attentive to the context and to the meaning of the installation to be realized, make his works an exceptional example of contemporary art.

The master's degree in jurisprudence, the experience gained in the managerial staff of Italian and foreign companies, combined with the wide international scope of his professionalism, have outlined a personality flexible, determined, accustomed to face any scenario, ready for innovation and change as well as extremely versatile.

Bringing his own person and knowledge as a banner, the current goal of Mr. Ravetti is doing business with his own art and creativity, inspiration and intent.

2002 – 2010: General Manager in Space Cannon VH (acquired by Photogenesys - Light Like Communication -). Project Manager for Tribute in light a New York, Turin 2006 (lighting aspect), DEXIA building in Brussels and the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

2013: creator of the project Dubai TOUR, the first professional cycling race in the desert, exclusive consultant for the company RCS Sport and Live for the lighting concept of the opening ceremony of Dubai Tour 2014, 2015, 2017.

2014-2016: Indoor Lighting Concept for the Cathedral of Alessandria; Outdoor Lighting Concept for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro “Casa Italia Rio 2016”.

2016-2019: Partner and Director Spacecannon -Sne srl.

2017: Outdoor Lighting Concept Saadyiat Island, Abu Dhabi

2018: Lighting Concept Hudaryiat Bridge, Abu Dhabi.

2019: Lighting Concept Ehaf Tower.

Today with the new experience of the Startup, thanks to his artistic and entrepreneurial maturity, Mr. Ravetti wants to bring innovation, including technological innovation, linked to his particular and unique vision of the world of lighting, to the fields of culture, sport, enhancement of the artistic heritage and tourism.

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