Social impact description document

Social impact description document

Company name: GIAMMARIA RAVETTI s.r.l.s. Light is Life

Registered office: Via Palestro, 4 - 15033 CASALE MONFERRATO (AL)

Sectors of operation: concepts, design, development and implementation of complex lighting systems - enhancement of cultural heritage - university and post-university education.

1. Mission

he company operates in the sector of artistic and technological innovation in the field of lighting, whether declined in the form of big events, architectural lighting for the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage, sports and promotional events, as well as purely emotional ones through the instrument of the memorial. In the sector of reference, the will is to promote a new use of the lighting tool which, through new generation technologies, highlights not only the three-dimensionality of light, but also its fourth dimension (time).

2. Technological innovation

About installations related to big events, the goal is to create the largest itinerant lighting system in the world, capable of being installed and made operational by one single operator in only a few hours.
The current state of the art does not present comparable solutions, as the actual available solutions achieve exclusively similar results through installations which, because of the time of realization and needed materials, make their profitability limited.
The new technological solution, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, will make the used beams of light visible at night within a few tens of kilometers, according to weather conditions, humidity, light pollution and moon phases. This is undoubtedly an innovative and breaking element compared to current systems available in the lighting sector at an international level.
In concert with Universities, a new technological frontier will be represented by the study and construction of the first intelligent "hub" for the management of lighting systems.
The programming system will be composed of particular sensors which, by gathering the lighting designer's inputs and voice commands, will allow him to create a lighting design whose different programming values will be reproduced in the visual field of the lighting designer thanks a small LCD screen integrated in the hub. The whole system will be green.
The advantage of the new programming, control and management system will allow the lighting designer to move within his own reference context by interacting directly with it according to different perspectives.
Further innovations in the field of lighting are represented by the creation of simulations relating to the designed projects that will be as likely as possible compared to the proposed installation. The aim will be achieved through a support program (software) which, together with a theatrical, technical and emotional approach, will allow to present the projects in the most realistic form.
Within its social vocation, the Startup will carry out technological innovations in one with Universities and with the tools created it will be able to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage, object of its installations, to the point of making it capable of producing disclosure and income.

3. Social objective - innovation and activities carried out

The company GIAMMARIA RAVETTI s.r.l.s. Light is Life will endeavor in strategic and operational assistance for the search for innovative ideas on its own and / or on behalf of third parties, even through collaboration with national and international universities and experts in the sector.
The idea of the Start-up stems from a mature reflection on the world of lighting which led to an unprecedented project aimed at enhancing, even economically, artistic and cultural heritage, through the wise and innovative use of light.
Innovation in the architectural field leads to an unprecedented enhancement of the overabundant Italian and international artistic and cultural heritage. The path, which passes through energy saving, leads to the creation of islands of light that place architecture in a new perspective, increasing the tourism and cultural opportunities that are part of the artistic heritage. The innovation cultivated in this field by the Startup aims to optimize profitability through the invisible tool of light.
The innovation in the use of light for sports and promotional purposes. The aesthetic and functional redevelopment of spaces and buildings, even if not artistically relevant, allows their use for advertising and promotion purposes, exploiting the visibility that the lighting engineering tool, for its nature, provides. Combined with stadiums, big events whatever their nature, the innovation represented by the Startup project increases the value and economic potential of structures, buildings and spaces, allowing a significant increase in their profitability even through an implementation of the intended use that can be added to the one for which they are normally intended.
The cultural vocation through the instrument of the memorial. By shaping the light, the project and the vocation of the Startup create unique events to remember the memorable passages in the history of humanity. The evocative capacity, typical of light, is amplified by the the innovative approach methodology of the Startup. Creating a memorial by light allows to focus the attention of the general public on the event you want to celebrate, contributing to the cognitive study of what you want to remember. Memory and knowledge of past events are a fundamental dowel of growth factor of the individual and the collectivity because they allow man to progress on the paths already outlined by his predecessors, or to deviate from their mistakes and madness.
The Startup also intends to train, through events, courses and masters, operators in the sector who learn the innovative declination of lighting that the company pursues. In collaboration with Universities and Research Centers, the Startup aims to create laboratories for the development of innovative ideas and technologies to be used to better promote the great potential that the universe of lighting offers, as a factory of the future.
The realization of a project of general interest, through the promotion, conservation and protection of the territory and the identity of local populations will allow to access to tourism for the greatest number of people.

4. Establishment

La GIAMMARIA RAVETTI s.r.l.s. Light is Life, is a company born from the idea of its founder, who will hold the position of sole shareholder and sole director.

5. Stakeholders

In terms of human resources, it makes use of a network of collaborations aimed at:
- assisting the entrepreneur in collateral activities to the business operation (Lawyer and Business Consulting Firm),
- prepare IT tools and models for the realization of simulations useful for the presentation of lighting installations, as well as for the management of the web marketing and promotion sector, - concretely prepare the lighting installations through the use of highly specialized installers, who allow you to approach the artistic and cultural heritage with the right skills,
-produce and develop the lighting technologies used.
The choice of external collaboration has the aim of optimizing, for each collateral activity and useful for achieving the social purpose and therefore the social impact, the resources offered by highly specialized professionals in the field of expertise that operate on the market with their own means and organization.
The external audience to which the company addresses is represented by public and private authorities, national and international commercial companies, universities, cultural associations, public administrations and citizens.

6. Business Scenario

L’innovativa strategia di approccio al settore dell’illuminazione consente, così, di superare i concetti del risparmio energetico ed economico permettendo di creare plusvalenza intesa come aumento del valore del singolo bene illuminato indipendentemente dal tipo di soluzione illuminotecnica adottata.
The market sector in which the Startup's activity is located is the one of lighting, declined through the design of installations which, by enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage, produce incomes.
The volumes of cost and revenue, which vary greatly depending on the realized installation, draw primarily from the sector of artistic heritage enhancement. An evocative and innovative light installation on an asset of historical and artistic interest, is able to significantly increase, with peaks that are now calculated up to 60%, the turnout of the public related to the asset and the cultural reality in which it is inserted. This increases not only the profitability that the artistic heritage creates and that is reused in its conservation and enhancement, but also the wealth deriving from the disclosure of culture. The energy savings that accompanies the adoption of green technologies translates into significant economic savings that allows to offer to the various public and private entities, which protect and manage the artistic heritage, a kind of lighting that is much more effective, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
The innovative approach to the lighting sector allows to overcome the concepts of energy and economic savings, allowing the creation of capital gains intended as an increase in the value of the single illuminated asset regardless of the type of lighting solution adopted.

7. Social impact

The grid below aims to make measurable, in terms of results and social impact, the activity of the company, in the reference period, according to the analysis of the relationship between:
Inputs, activities carried out in practice, number of people who participated in a cultural event, the number of people enrolled in a course, number of lighting installations made according to the canons of technological innovation, in the objectives, and outcomes.
Based on the general indicators listed below for each sector of activity, the social impact achieved will be measurable.




Sociale Impact on beneficiaries

  • Number of projects related to the organization's mission started in the year
  • Number of projects related to the mission which achieved the targets established by the organization in the year
  • Presence of systems for the detection of beneficiaries' feedback
  • Level of user satisfaction with the services provided

Research Support

  • Number of projects started during the year that involve collaboration with research institutions
  • Number of research activities implemented during the year to improve and develop the organization's internal activities
  • Number of projects contemplating collaboration with institutions of research that have achieved the targets established by the organization during the year

Bond with the territory and civic participation

  • Number of volunteers
  • Number of active collaborations with non-profit and voluntary associations outside the company in the year
  • Number of active collaborations with profit enterprises in the year
  • Number of active collaborations with local administrations during the year - Percentage of spending concentrated on suppliers
  • Impact of the organization's activity on the territorial policy systems
  • Changes in the practices of partner subjects resulting from collaboration with the organization

Sector: enhancement of cultural heritage, cultural services

  • Number of projects started during the year for the enhancement of assets and cultural heritage
  • Number of customers about the above mentioned projects
  • Number of projects for the enhancement of assets and cultural heritage that have achieved the targets established by the organization in the year
  • Increase in the availability of infrastructures related to art and culture
  • Increase of cohesion in the community

Casale Monferrato, 25/06/2019
The legal representative - Sole Director
Dott. Giammaria Ravetti

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